Who is KickRich?

Making footwear is a love affair.  A blend of artistry, vision, and experience that results in a wearable sculpture.  It's an obsession with details and pursuing ever evolving skills.  It's early mornings of dedication, and late nights of passion losing track of time.

Each project draws from years of behind the scenes hard work, curiosity, study, and learning from mistakes which develop an accumulative skillset of knowledge and problem solving. 

KICKRICH shoes and products are creative visions realized.  Each pair and product is hand-crafted in a private studio in Portland, OR by Jeff Waskowiak.  

Jeff previously worked at Nike WHQ on the Air Max team bringing footwear to life across the globe.  Making shoes with Nike provided a deep understanding of what goes in to making modern footwear, especially retro and modern sneakers.  Creating iconic silhouettes such as the Air Max 90, 97, Air Max Plus, Air Max 270 and many more was Jeff's "Job." 

Pursuing his passion for handmaking footwear, he left Nike and lived in Milan, Italy studying footwear patternmaking at Arsutoria School.  After Arsutoria, he apprenticed under a master boot and shoemaker acquiring priceless skills and knowledge.

Jeff has visited footwear factories all over the world, and learned from pattern and shoemakers in Italy, Asia, India, and the USA. 

"I've seen everything from an Air Max 90 to a Prada high heel being made on a factory line, and I've stood behind the shoulder of every single skilled worker completely fascinated at the processes of making great footwear.  But you can only learn so much by listening, watching, or reading.  At some point you have to translate that knowledge into you body through physical motion...aka trying to make shoes with your own two hands.  This trial and error process, and how committed you are to staying curious and hungry to learn is what results in you becoming highly skilled."

"My greatest teacher will always be my own two hands as I design, pattern, prototype, and build, but there is no part of my success without a long list of talented people that poured time and energy into me passing along this great art that is shoemaking."