Air Force 1 LED Glow Lamp


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Kick back and enjoy the good vibes from the Air Force 1 LED Glow Lamp.  Each lamp is custom made in the KickRich studio in Portland, OR.  Choose between different light color options with the wireless remote, or set it to 1 of 4 different modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth.  

The light is powered ON or OFF by your choice of the remote, or the touch sensor on the base stand.  The light can also be dimmed or brightened to your preference with the remote.


LED Glow Lamp Includes:

1x Air Force 1 Acrylic Insert

1x Black circular light base

1x Wireless remote control ( *battery included)

1x 24in USB cable for power (must plug into USB wall adapter *not included)

*Optional power source is 3 x AA batteries (not included)


Weight: approx 4.5oz

Dimension: 5.25in tall x 5.25in wide


Note: This lamp gives off soft light and will not illuminate an entire room.  It's best displayed as an accent to your space, such as on a desk, nightstand, or shelf.

*This product is not an official collaboration with the Nike brand.*